New Aboriginal Laws

New Aboriginal Laws

In response to David’s post: Aboriginal PaternalismCorrect me if I am wrong though but when I was in the Northern territory the aboriginal women said that they wanted to be treated equally as whites, we replied “in what way” and replied along the lines of “If a white kid doesn’t show up to school, the school has to follow it up. If a white kid has been abused the government will step in. If a white women is abused they will press charges against the husband”.I may be wrong but the impression that I get is that the laws apply for all whites and blacks in the areas equally.The UN has declared that we are the only first world country that contains an entire third world existence, they say it is an embarrassment, at least the government is seriously looking at the issue again instead of just throwing money at it.There may be a lot of problems but things like food vouchers will actually mean that the kids get the food instead of their parents spending the money on alcohol.I have been in the outback, I have seen how it operates, I haven’t seen it all, but at least it is being discussed.

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  1. I wasnt saying the government shouldnt do anything, some of what they want to do is probably the only way it can be done. but just sending in the troops and stopping the consumption of alchohol could have the reverse effect the PM is wanting.
    there needs to be a more passive approach.

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