Back on the scene, moved to wordpress

Back on the scene, moved to wordpress

Hi All,

Yes it has been ages, but letting you know that I have made the move to wordpress,

Well, it has been a while since I made an appearance in the blogging world, but I have had so many ideas that I have chosen not to blog and I have benifited so much from other bloggers that I have decided to contribute back.

This is hosted at at the moment whilst I get a bit more dough for webhosting but I already own the domain (

As I have so many varying areas of interest, most people will find things boring, so therefore this is going to be a category based site. Main areas will start off as Blog (for my thoughts etc), Tech (sub-sections, tips, design and apple), Rowing, and a some site wide posts.

So please enjoy, I will get to personalising it later, just have a lot of work at the moment.

But everyone don’t forget if you have any ideas of what you want to see, questions that I can post articles in response to please email me as I really want this to be a reader’s focused blog!

(Yes I know this is just another distraction from Uni and Work etc, but it also helps me not forget so many cool things that I find out! So that’s gotta be a plus…right?)



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