Back Blogging…Racing at Henley

Back Blogging…Racing at Henley

Yeah, I know I have been slack and haven’t posted anything in a while (that’s an understatement)… my blog looks like an abandoned, unloved, ignored child (yes, I have been a cruel parent), but it will have some activity over the next few weeks at least, then I may even try and keep it up.

The reason to break the silence is that for some of you who do not know this Tuesday (20th June) I am leaving to go to England to represent Mosman Rowing Club in the Henley Royal Regatta (see, it’s very big in England, (167 years old), kinda like the melbourne cup).

We will be competing between June 28th and 2nd of July.

If anyone is interested in coming to a fundraising/farewell dinner this Sunday:

  • Dedes Restaurant, Sydney Rowing Club – 613 Great North Rd Abbotsford NSW 2046
    Price Includes: Gourmet meal, Supplied Wines and Beer, Lucky Door Prizes, Auctions, Raffles, A Great Night of Fun
    Cost: $75 (Adult) or $45 (Child, Under 18)
  • For more information or to book see
  • P.S. If you know any keeno soccer fan’s there is a ball signed by the socceroo’s on auction…shhh I am only meant to tell people this by word of mouth… there is also heaps of other sports memorabilia on auction, signed footy jerseys, cricket bat’s, tennis racquets etc… ooo and Wine)

For everyone else who is interested I will be providing updates on this blog throughout the trip!


Luke K. Freeman
[email protected]

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