A life of integrity

A life of integrity

To be quite frank, I had a terrible day yesterday where everything just kept on going wrong, but it was at about 3:30 while walking home from Forest Way that I realised how small these things are in the scheme of things, I realised how good God is and that he has everything in his hands and I decided to worship him for it.

I have had a really good morning so far this morning i woke up shortly after 6, and just lied in bed until about 630, came up stairs and read my quiet time, which included some of Song of Songs (which was really inspiring of true love which transcends all conflict), and the beatitudes in matthew (really encouraged about the Lords prayer).
A life of integrity
And I worshiped with a discman for the first time šŸ˜›

I just started reading “A life of integrity” by Howard Hendricks and its really challenging, but inspiring at the same time, esspecially how it talks about being a man of God and how that pans out to look. Really challenged to make myself holy and pure (through Gods strength) for my friends and family and future wife & kids.


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