At the airport

At the airport

Well, its been a good day, quite funny actually fake smiles and cheesy poses… don’t think I am cut out for it really! but after Love is some may think otherwise (about my poses, lol).

It was great to meet all the Open Universities staff, they are such nice people, and It was great to meet some of the other students as well.

It is so boring waiting at the airport though… but I was getting bored in the city of melbourne so I decided to just come to the airport early, pity I couldn’t just catch an earlier plane (then I would also make dinner on time!).

Sorry to all those who love melbourne to bits, but from what I saw, the city was quite boring… but I did do what everyone told me I had to do… I shopped (while I waited… it took up a good 15-25min), I dug into my cheap pockets and bought two shirts… from jeans west (at the sydney price).

Well I have 3 minutes and 13 seconds remaining 8 seconds 2 seconds etc of my 20min on the net for $2… with not much left to do.

I guess I will read some more blogs, then wair another 40 min for my flight to board.



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