AGM and a foot tall cup

AGM and a foot tall cup

Had the mosman rowing club AGM (anual general meeting for those uninformed on the ways of the world) yesterday, it was full of a couple of grumpy old men (non-rowers) who could not understand a few simple concepts and were only concerned with the price of beer.

At the end we had awards presentations that I was not expecting. Kiran and I won the “Youth Oarsman of the Year” award together and I won the “Top Pointscorer of the Year” so Kiran took home the former and I took home the latter, the only problem is that I spent 3 hours getting to forest way, lugging it around with my jacket draped over it and all I had eaten all day until 3pm was a sausage roll at 1:15, and I almost fainted. But I am on the fix (from being sick with a cold etc) and am looking forward to getting back into it. I am in melbourne tomorrow though!


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