Youth Cup 2005

Youth Cup 2005

Well, I guess here it is, the run down from my trip down south (south-west rather).
In short… it was good, a great experience, I learned a lot, had a lot of fun, killed myself pretty well!

Well Tunner and I got silver in the double to Tasmania, the double had been rowing with each other since school and have a great reputation, so a result I was more than happy with!
The quad heat was great, a confident win to the point where it was seen as one of NSW garenteed wins… but when we were out in front by 2 lengths in the final we got caught on some wash from the BRO’s (so bad that Miles, Chambers and I caught crabs) and Chambers (the stroke) oar snapped in two (reinforced carbon fibre, the snap could be heard clearly from 600m away, so could the profanities). And we had to row the boat over the line with 3 of us. We barely spoke a word, it was really disappointing.

The blue ribbon event, the Youth Mens Coxed Eight, was the hardest race of my life, we went so hard, but every time we made a push so did WA and we finished in second by a very small margin. I found out later that we were rating 6 points lower than them (6x6min = 36 strokes = 300 odd meters), after knowing that I am way more than happy with our result, I am impressed!
Well, 2 silvers, I am happy with that, but next time it has to be better!

Result: I shall train harder!

The people were awesome, the food was great (I weighed in a 1.532kg under, and thus could eat as much as I wanted!) lots of fun, lots of waiting, lots of spending all my energy.
Well, now I am back at training and it hurts, but its worth it! Tasmania and Amsterdam here I come!


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