75,000,000 – Spread Firefox

75,000,000 – Spread Firefox

Firefox downloads reach 75 million… see below!
yay for firefox, everyone one get it (click on the link in the left collum of my site)

75,000,000 – Spread Firefox: “Congratulations, today we have reached 75,000,000 downloads. The download was made 13:17:10 CEST.

Here are some facts to help you with a understanding of this huge number:

* 25% of the US population
* Over 2 times the population of Canada
* 50% of the Russian population
* 16% of the population in the European Union
* 60% of the Japanise population
* 6% of the Chinese population

Thats 25,000,000 more downloads in less than 3 months, after the 50 million downloads milestone in April. The 100 million downloads milestone isn’t that far away”

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