film: a cinematic experience (for lack of a better title)

film: a cinematic experience (for lack of a better title)

luke here,

from the makers of such block busters as The Matwix Resolutions,
Cooking like
Compost and Road Safety
comes A Day in the Life of Ted and Mary (title
yet to be final) (action/comedy) (story: Peter Hayes).

you have been invited to be involved in its production, please send me
a email if you are interested…especially
those interested in pre-production input… I am thinking about a
collaborative input to the script and storyboarding at the moment (like
we currently have an outline for what each scene is about and the
general idea, but need to script it).

i’m looking for people:

  • interested in crew, editing,stage fighting, u>choreography, prompting, or other please reply with what you are willing to help with.
  • interested in acting please
    reply with quick bio of experience, and height, gender, colour, age
    etc… (everyone gets to audition).
  • interested in costume, props and set you are the biggest champs, please email.
  • who have any equipment that can be used, please reply stating what.
  • interested in scripting/plotting(comedy/action) and secondly those interested in storyboarding.You are the most important people to me at this part of the production are so please contact me ASAP.

the filming will take place towards the end of the
year or January next year, it will most likely be over a couple of
days, in a row or spread apart. Please keep that time frame in mind, if
you really want to be part of it and that time frame is a problem with
you, please reply promptly.

please email me on [email protected]
or [email protected]
and I will reply promptly.

luke (Director/Executive Producer)

P.S. please feel free to forward onto anyone you think may be

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