Wired News: AI Seduces Stanford Students

Wired News: AI Seduces Stanford Students

Amazing artical, really facsinating about how manipulatible humans are… page 2 is particually interesting… facny seeing your face and george bush’s morphed into one?

First 2 paragraphs below, read on:

Wired News: AI Seduces Stanford Students: “Psychologists and salesmen call it the ‘chameleon effect’: People are perceived as more honest and likeable if they subtly mimic the body language of the person they’re speaking with. Now scientists have demonstrated that computers can exploit the same phenomenon, but with greater success and on a larger scale.

Researchers at Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab strapped 69 student volunteers into an immersive, 3-D virtual-reality rig, where test subjects found themselves sitting across the table from a ‘digital agent’ — a computer-generated man or woman — programmed to deliver a three-minute pitch advocating a notional university security policy requiring students to carry ID whenever they’re on campus.”

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