i have just been sorting through my emails and filing them (from june 2003 till now)

its amazing when you look back over time… to see how I have gone through many paths, how I have changed and grown.

it really shocks me the relationships i have formed… and lost…

how my life aspirations have changed

life can seem so trivial at times, i am glad that i have a purpose though… often i seem to forget!

it really hurts sometimes to lose contact with people who you were once so close to… but keeping in contact is so hard (for me at least, i am terrible… especially with email)

there are so many people i miss, people that have gone overseas, interstate… but also those people that i have just lost contact with.

some of my closest friends at many times of my life i hardly know anymore, some of them i have completely lost contact with, and for others the relationships have just changed form…

well, i guess I can just say thankyou to all I am close to at the moment, I can say thankyou to my friends, peers, leaders, and especially my family who have never left me…

life is too short and too long at the same time…

but god is good and thanks jesus for always being there, for being constant… for being the friend that will always try and keep in contact with me, no matter how terrible i am on my side of the deal…


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