happened to see a story today on oprah while I was helping jesse with his school work and waiting for the computer stuff to install… there was this story about this guy jim, who had gender issues and finally told his wife after 10 years of marrige, 6 years later he is a woman and his wife and him are still married with kids, they’re just not intimate…
how weird would that be?
i reakon there are so many people out there with issues, and they go the wrong way about it!! how could you be a man for so long, a father for goodness sake!!
i think it is largely a choice,
it reminds me of some of the guys in some musicals i have done (who shall remain nameless) who have confessed to me that theyre gay and after a long chat have discovered they are not, and a couple have also seen god through it…

but these people need help, to be listened to, asked questions, not just told “its okay, you were born that way”

oh well, we live in a screwed up world don’t we!

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