Race time

Race time

Time passes soooooooo slowly before anything important.

Its hard when there is nothing left to do but just let it happen…

I have two important races today, two tomorrow.

Its official, rowing is mans greatest invention, he has discovered a way to push himself to the limits and put himself through the most unimaginable pain.

Yesterday I had the semi-finals of my under 17 single scull and I was out in front for the first 1700m (results) until I well and truly hit the wall, with only enough strength left to tap it along to the finish line. At the end of the race my chest was tight, my eyes watered and I could hardly breathe. I was one of the 2 favourites comming into the semi, expected by all to go through to the final. But anyone who knows the feeling knows how defining it is. When your body has nothing left, when you have pushed it too hard, sometimes you dont know why, but your body doesnt let you.

I am glad I remembered the advice of my coach: “To finish first, you must first finish”. I do not give up and I do not stop. But it was definatly a humbling moment when my tanks hit empty and I came in at thrid.

Another thing that my coach says “you learn more when you do not win”, and I am going to take that into accound for my MU172x and SB1x today, tomorrow and sunday.



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