yes i am still blogging

yes i am still blogging

just not as frequently, i think also i might start with a private blog again (i’ll just do the save as draft), i’ve tried this public one for a while…

in other news, i am alive, it must have been quite amusing though, yesterday i looked like one of those people on a science fiction film when they’re stung by the intergalactical pest and they’re skin is as tight as leather and welted all over, but in short i beat the tic… who would have thought too, after all the tic’s ive had in my lifetime that this one would be carrying poisen!! neway i feel like i have been hit by a truck… but at least the kind doctor warned me, by telling me that “you will feel like you’ve been hit by a truck in the morning” which was quite nice of her to warn me.

i rekon those people who are stopping blogging dont need to lose contact with the bloggin world, for example matt, he is still reading…

its anoying although the swelling and welts have pretty much gone all over my body, the ones on my neck, groin and eyes have got worse…

my eyes make me look asian, even my sister said so, she also said its weird seing me with a chubby face again..

well i better get back to cleaning up the house before mum and jesse get back from pearl beach


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