the easy life… "travelled for miles… ate… and didnt spend a cent"

the easy life… "travelled for miles… ate… and didnt spend a cent"

today was good, the band practice was called off :'(, so instead i layed out in the sun reading love languages for a while, then i decided i felt like a ride…

so i ended up riding to davidson, dropping into beths, and her mum decided that she would make me lunch, so i had two salad sandwhiches and a smoothie.

’twas good to see beth, for however short, as she had to go to an orientation for targét

then i decided to ride back home, when i got to mona vale road, i decided to go to st ives b4 i went home… i got to st ives and then decided that it would b good to see my grandparents, so i called them, and checked ahead

so off to gordon i went, dropped into my grandparents just as my grandmother was taking some scones out of the oven…

it was good to see them, i dont see them that often, we chatted for a while over tea and scones, and i told them what i was doing next year…

then off home to terrey hills it was for some stretching and laps of the pool

so today, basicly i got some well needed sun… travelled for miles… ate… and didnt spend a cent (5cents or a dollar even, or any money at all)


the easy life

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