rescue mission

rescue mission

i dropped my lid off my water bottle in the libary, it rolled and landed under an old mans foot on the diagonaly opposite desk… so it called for a rescue mission!!! muahaha

in other news, life has been pretty good recently, school has been getting me down though, im so glad im only doing music next year!! 4 periods in 2 days per week!!

im still trying out for SRC again thou, it’ll be weird though… imagine that if i tried out for school captain.. i could just imagine the speech “i will represent you… whenever im at school.. for 4 hours a week if your lucky”

im so proud, i can now not only touch my toes, but i can have my hands flat on the floor!! its so cool, ive never been this flexible…

its so good to have my coach, nick, back from his olympic duties, it means that i can get some good quality coaching finally!!!

im starting to get really excited about next year… cant wait… on that note, i need to confirm what i am actually doing…

so therefore im off to look at the ola courses, and look into buying a laptop…

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