even more sore than usual

even more sore than usual

my quads and hamstrings are even more sore than normal…. like massivly… we started our new weight training program 2nite… it hurt…

in other news, the trials are going well so far…

ma+h5 and engrish went wonderfully, so easy!!!

ive been hearing many stories about camp… i wish i was there!!! ‘twould have been so much fun…

2morro i hav history (yes torres strait not striaght!! i can spell some things), geography, civics and citizernship; and science

i hope all goes well, unfourtunatly i am not allowed to row in the morning though!!!

i’ll tell you what is incredibly anoying… it is when people blame me for everything thats going wrong with the computers… all i can say is when i use a computer… guess what.. it runs smoothly… then why is it we have problems…? i wonder

i just dont have the time to fix it!!

tonight at dinner, i was talking about rowing in the morning and a comment was made (rather rudely) about getting my priorities right… well to tell the truth school isnt a priority… yeh i might make an exception for the SC but not the trial SC!!! i really hate it when other peoples ideas and ideals and priorities have to affect mine.. but guess what… i am different, i am trying to live as the person i was created to be, not to be how everyone wants me to be!!! why cant people see that!

but when it comes down to it, the people that hurt me are also the people that love me, and that i love… so i wont judge them on it, i will try and help them learn… but i am not perfect either… i know that very well!! its quite clear that i am very human…

and last but not least… god is wonderful, and he loves me unconditionally, he doesnt have any predjuice or prerequsites, he doesnt impose what he thinks onto me… he just loves me, and because of that i am inspired to do what he thinks is best for me… in fact, what he knows is best for me…

wow, the longest post i have had i a while… theyve all been one liners recently… i gues i just havnt had the time



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