the smorning was great!

i slept a bit better, rowing was good (i was comming last in the time trial… maybe bcoz i was last off the line by far, but mainly bcoz i was concentrating so hard on my grip and seperation… my coach sed it should take a month to fix, and it will feel wrong and i will go slow… :() then i saw jarred watters at the bus stop on the way to see beth… its amazing how far hes come in the past year and a half… same quite a few people in his group… i had coffee, or mochas rather, with beth, we talked, twas good… and i didnt miss my bus this time!! (althou i almost did)

unfourtunatly i still am feeling really sick, but the good thing is its now moved to my nose and eyes, so its on its way out… apparently gordy and geldo got it too, most likely from riley!!

oh well, lunch, then sit by the pool doing school work…


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