im going to tamworth, it’ll be good to get away from my busy life for a while (though i will have to admit that i will be doing my music assignment whilst i am away)

i cant wait for next year!! my life will be more in the control of my own hands, with only one sixth of my time set aside for education controled by the sacreligious institution of a school, the other 5/6ths will be my own self determinated learning, about stuff which i want to learn about…

i hope i make it to nationals next year; because then i would have the chance to qualify to go overseas to the world champs; i would love to go overseas, in the last 12.5 years i have only been to fiji for a week, and thats it… i love europe…

yesterday i was really tired, we had a sausage sizzle at school and i did most of the cooking… for 700 students!!! it was quite a mission… it ended being an over 3 hour effort! i didnt feel like going to the small group social because i have so much to do, and it was single sex again, which is hard because last weekend beth was in melbourne, and this weekend i will be in tamworth, that means i wouldnt hae seen her for ages, and that is really hard… we only have a mixed sex social once a term…

last nite none of my friends from school that i invited ended up comming… they’re so lazy… its weird, they always used to be very activly social people, never used to choose to stay at home over going out… and now they would?!?

i really better get going, im leaving soon

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