this is my december

this is my december

well, actually this is a post about my wednesday (such a random word wednesday, i never spell it right…)

so therefore i will post this as if it was wednesday nite, when i intended to post it

well, ive had what you would call a rather interesting day…

it all started with missing both alarms and waking up late, but still managing to get ready for rowing on time… including packing lots of food for the day,

next, i arrived at rowing to do the 5km time trial which we do every week, and no one but adam and i (and some random guy that was sent down to open the boat shed) were there… so we waited 15 min and the guy sent us upstairs to do a weights session… which is really anoying because i really wanted to row in the double… even if it was pouring

i had a pretty interesting day at school too, pretty bludgy periods, and my maths teacher was away, so we had maths in the art room and i played a very long game of boxes…

then it got more interesting when we went to rowing, we were running accross main roads several times, “the bus comes at this stop”, “no it comes here”, ‘look. theres the bus!!”

so after catching three buses, doing a fair bit of walking, visiting 4 sets of shops… we arrived at rowing…

so we had to try and get the big sweep oars out the back door, which was a major mission!!

and then we put the boat out on the water… then as soon as we had done that, it started pouring… so we all stripped down to our zooty’s (cept monty who is yet to get one) so that we wouldnt get hyperthermia and adam ran (like a monkey) all our dry stuff inside…

instead of doing a proper warm up, we did all four warming up…

we were warming up, as a huge manly fery came close to us and washed us off pretty badly…


just as the fery went around the corner, we continued our warm up…

then we hear the sound of a massive engine…

tom shouts out “thats the bloddy boat who keeps comming out and washing people off, get his boat name…”

i turn around and shout to monty and adam “get his boat name”

monty: “what?”

luke (turning around): “get his… damn!!!”

tom: “that boat is comming strait for us”

luke: “he hasnt seen us”

so the boat going at least double the speed limit, driving neglagently and on the wrong side of the river heads strait for us…

at that moment, we all have thoughts running through our heads… mine being:

  • i hope monty doesnt bail… coz if he does, i am dead for sure
  • ive had a good life, i wouldnt mind ending it here
  • i cant bail, my oars on the wrong side
  • casey is gone for sure

just then it comes, just missing our heads, breaking oars, and almost killing casey (and the rest of us)

had we been 20cm close, we would be dead

***damn the bell just rang***

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