… oh i wish i had my camera fixed… i missed so many photo perfect moments whilst i was away in the gong… and every other day since its been broken… but i guess those photo moments are for me to keep, in my memories

in other news, i got home at about 2-3ish this morning

i had rock estiedfordd and we made it to the finals!!! yay davo!

it was a fun day, a long day, but im glad i did it, the atmosphere was good, and some people i dont normally hang out with in my year, have matured more in the last 6 months, and during this trip they got to see who i am… lol

it would be so easy to fall into the temptation of trying to be popular at school, but im glad that in year 8 i made a decision that i will stick by my friends, and im glad i did… 🙂

on the way home from the gong we chucked on some queen, and spent half the trip back singing!! lol

mama oooo, dont mean to make you cry,

but if im not back again this time tomorrow,

carry on, carry on, coz nothing really matters

my voice is soo lost, and i have to accompany benny c for his trial HSC tomorrow, on voice and piano… hope it gets better 😀

oh well thats me, i better get back to things 🙂

(***sighs*** i miss blogging)


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