its 7th day back and schools already getting me down… far down…

in other news: im having withdrawal from my SD card that pete has in threadbo, as he has borrowed it… thus me deprived of music…

my teeth hurt

dont you hate it when people take things the wrong way when you do (or dont do) something… and you didnt intend it?

life is a jackeranda, believe it or not

… i love jackeranda’s… my favorite tree…

the water was glowing every time i put my blades through the water this morning, due to planktin…. it was so cool, fluro green blades in its pitch black surroundings

its now sunny, and im stuck inside doing my science assign… thats rite i mean “supposed to be doing my science assignment”… i better get back to it… then guess what… off to rowing!!! (although i was being sarcastic, i really do enjoy it, but it is very time consuming… in other news, if i win at nationals i get to go over to spain or france this time next year!!)

betta b off


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