westie, m'man

westie, m'man

well, im at westies at the moment…

we came over last night to watch the bloodyslowcup with a tragic loss, and heres a little note to all the new zelanders, uts goot you gut sume look finally…

well, i should be at iron cove right now, rigging my boat, but guess what?!? the regatta is called off… not only is it a very unorganised series, but they also stuffed up the results completely!!!

oh well, all things are turned to good 🙂 i just wonder how

well im leading tonight so i think i better talk to matt about the songlist soon, it should be good…

one day i really want to do a rendition of the hallelujah chorus like the one we did at state music camp, its up beat and really powerful, i think it would work well in worship with all the undignifideds, hey lords, dance dance, etc…

ive been looking into fundraising and zoot suits for the davo four… its looking good, lots of hard work though, it’ll be good pioneering something i guess

it’d be funny if we did a Goulburn Valley add and sent it in to SPC and got sponsorship!! lol

oh well i guess i will let westie use the computer now seeing as it is his!!



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