blah, i couldnt b bothered to write a title… oh look i just did

blah, i couldnt b bothered to write a title… oh look i just did

i tried to blog yesterday when i was at church, but blogger was down, now i’ve forgotten what i was going to blog about…

oh well i had a great day yesterday, and due to hard work and extra sessions, i had yesterday arvo and this morning off rowing, so that i could go 2 jonno’s 4 a little birthday sleep-ova LOTR movie marathon 🙂

i met up with chris ives, and that was great, we’ve been meaning to do it 4 ages, since last hols…

it was great, we talked about heaps, we came to a conclusion with dating someone, that it is really healthy to still be pretty much the same around your friends, just make extra special time to b with eachother on ur own, dont make your other times with friends gf/bf focused 🙂

well i have 2 go 2 the gym 4 rowing this arvo bcoz i took it off yesterday… oh well, it’ll b quiet on my own, i must make a good cd to listen to 🙂

i am really avoiding my english short story, arent i… oh well i decided to do it on random people in the street that you walk past and have no idea whats going on in their life (kinda inspired by my bus stops post quite a while back in may)



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