a new day awaits

a new day awaits

i went to bed early last night, it took me for ever to get to sleep, and i still ended up waking up at 4ish, i layed in bed for ages, but im not really that dissapointed, it gave me some time to think… and im not tired so yay!!

well, im sitting here in my zooty in the study at 6:24 am, with the guitar in my lap, a cup of water beside me, my bed above me, tim’s empty room below me, my life behind me, and today is layed down before me!

i look forward to this day, because its a day that the lord has made, and i will rejoice in that alone, but there will be more things to rejoice about, because thats what god likes, loves to do. he loves to give us little miracles everyday, things that we could often oversea, so today i will try and be concious of every miracle that comes my way…

some miracles are small, some are big, i am incredible priviledged for the first miracle of the day…

miracle no.1 – i woke up:)

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