rain, rain, reign

rain, rain, reign

i was having a bath for the first time in so so very long, i was stretching, thinking and when i came to my senses… it was raining!!!!

finally rain, even if it goes on for a few weeks, even if it gets in the way of my other plans and causes inconveniences… praise the lord because it can bring us out of drought!!! and thats what i pray, that we will be brought out of drought, both physicially and spiritually… our nation so badly needs god to reign, to repent from our selfish ways and revival to come…

and about the consumeristic view… im not being blessed, lord why cant i feel you, spirit feel me… maybe we’ve been filled enough, maybe we need to start giving out before we can start to really feeling the amazing grace of god again… last saturday nite i got a feeling of it again, and since i havn’t put it into action, i have been asking god for more, but i am required to bless others before that can happen…

just my thoughts,


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