regattas and hugs

regattas and hugs

well we had a regatta today, it was quite pleasing, i won the open scull, thou came second by a meter in the under 16’s scull, as you can tell that doesnt make sense, that is due to the fact (long story short) i had basicly had a 150m handicap (as well as brent, who came in third, a boat length behind me)

anyway, i was thinking again about church 2nite…

in all my other groups of freinds, the guys and girls hug on departure, it gives a sense of communication, and yeh, ive said it all b4…

but im really anoying myself, because i have been sucked into the culture at church and i continue planing on huging my good friends goodbye, but then i hesitate and just say it… i can pretty much garentee that it would have so much more of a meaning if i did, but its not the culture so i go off, leaving dissatisfied… oh well, next time gadget, next time


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