slack blogger

slack blogger

mmm, I think I’ve been a slack blogger, I haven’t really blogged properly in over a week…

so that I shall do now… I hope

well, this week has been really good,

I had state music camp, which was fun, amazing people (well some of them, the others were just weird)

I reckon soul survivor should do a worship musicians conference (kind of like passion for your name I guess) but different, it’d b for musicians & worship leaders at church’s, to equip and encourage them…

there are so many personal jokes that no-one back at home understands, all I can say is “snaps for the personal jokes, snaps for the personal jokes”

at the moment I’m listening to storm by lifehouse, its really good, I must play it one day… mmm

life is interesting, I’m already ova what happened last Saturday, it seems so long ago, so much has happened, but I’m not, I don’t know, I’m slow at moving on

if only life was simple and everyone could just talk everything through without being worried about people taking things personally or the wrong way

meh, its life, u get over it

I guess the good reason about it being hard is that once u do something right, it means so much more, you have had to conquer the odds and come through strong…

I think life is really good actually, when I think about it, I’m really lucky… I’m sitting here well fed, fit, listening to music, using a computer, access to the internet, friends and family that care about me, I have my bed hovering above me, water in the drink bottle beside me, light coming from the ceiling at from the clear sky, with a view of the mountains in one window, the sea in the other, a guitar on my lap, mobile phone in my pocket, with my keyboard and sound gear packed up beside me in the cupboard, PDA and camera on the desk etc… I’m really lucky, fortunate, blessed, whatever

especially lucky because I have god on my side, and he loves me, and also because I have philosophy by Ben folds five playing

oops, I accident’s pressed publish!!

oh well, I’m editing it now 🙂

mmm, where was I, oh rite that’s it

I’m kind of glad no one really reads my blog because they’d have no idea what I’m on about, constantly changing subjects 🙂

oh yeah, I noticed Beth has now been added to the blog waterhole, yay for her!

its so simple now, I can almost read everyone’s blogs from the same spot 🙂

its starting to get dark now, and I’ve been procastinating for almost an hour so far, avoiding catching up on school work from the past six weeks,

I’ve found out that I can start my uni degree this holidays, and depending on how the first few subjects go, I might stay at school next year and do uni only part time, I would like to finish school, I just wonder if I could b bothered…

I wonder if anyone else but me has noticed that the ABC radio 702AM has used the into to the Ben folds song “rocking the suburbs” as the intro to their news program…? it ruins a good song, using it on the ABC… Actually I don’t mind the ABC as much as I used to, I guess anything is better than R & B!!! 102.5 FM (the classical station) isn’t too bad actually, good to sleep to, westies dad has actually got me into it!

mmm, I really cant concentrate on one thing at a time!!!

bloggin off, luke

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