whole world in his hands

whole world in his hands


i should be more concious of what he wants me to be doing, instead of hoping that he will bless what im doing wether he wants it or not… god please help, and though i would love ever so dearly to ask you to give something to me, may i lay it down in your hands… however incredibly hard… you’re a champ

have you ever wondered what it is that sometimes ust makes ou depressed and just eventually feel like crying yourself to sleep, but you cant cry, you dont know how, you dont know what about, or if it would do any help?

life is massive, and theres no way i can even contemplate trying to contain it, and master it, and i cannot make it do my will, to think that is even incredibly nieve and selfish…

i have been faced with small oppertunities to do something, and what someone could inturpurate (or some people have inturperated) as signs… i wonder wether to take them, or am i just makig it up in my mind?

gee love is great, look at what it does to people, that tiny feeling of knowing that your freindship has got to a point, and that a statement has been made and you both know how much your valued… you can see it in their faces, it changes everything about them , suddenly the world is so much more worth it…but why is it so hard not to seek value from that, its so much harder to seek value from god?

i am so tired that i have been typing with my eyes shut besuase my eyelids are tired, i hope this means that i will sleep well 🙂


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