bordom, tiresome and a word for long days ending with "om"

bordom, tiresome and a word for long days ending with "om"


well, i have discovered a new meaning for boredom!!! yay, and the new definition was my day today 🙂


im getting tireder by the minute! zzzzzzz

long daysbum

pretty self explanitory aye 🙂

all the rest

well the rest of my life aye…

well i should stop using the word well

yesterday, was terrible, i forgot literaly everything (well almost, i remembered my school shirt, bag and pencil case, oh and my belt)

but EVERYTHING ELSOME else (including my mind)

today was good, although i was incredibly tired

i bumed around so much at glen street

and jo, pip, nat and fi were only there for like an 8th of my day, though it was good to chat none the less

i was lookin through my sent messages, whilst deleting them and i realised that over the past fourtnight i have been sending messages to jodie and she hasnt replied, how rude of her… then i asked pete b what her number was, and i had confused 471 for 417 🙁

actually come to think of it, she put it in my phone…!

even scaryier, what if i was stalked !! again !!!

most of the messages were random, some legistical, but a couple were saying that i am incredibly confused, and i would luv 2 chat… hope that no random got the wrong idea…

mmm, what else… oh yeah, it was pete hayes’ birthday 2day, so i took him out for saussage rolls and coffee, and now i have no money for food :(, but it was good, i never see him midweek :)… pip lock forgot it was his birthday…

its jonnos to morro, jesses in a week and nats, on a week friday, flip, how many people want to be born!!

i find it so anoying, when there is someone that i really need to talk to, but never get the chance… (and no the elipsis doesnt mean that im flirting, and with who anyway, my blog?)

(Dear diary… hey good looking…. diary, i just felt like saying: damn , you are fine :))

what was i gonna say, oh, i forgot… mmm… wasting time

i wonder if neone will read this, coz people dont read the ones that i dont care about, just the ones that i forget is personal… A BIG HELLO TO THE SKIM READERS OUT THERE!!

oh, i g2g soon, and i am so hungry, headachy too

all i wanna say is YOURE ALL RIGHT IM IN LOVE… got you there skim readers!!! muahahaha

mmm, i really want 2 talk 2 sum1 in particular, i wont say because people will assume that it is about something completely different to what it is… so i will start my sentence and not finish it, as that seems to anoy every1 (especially me :))

neway, back off to the epa, mmm, if im not needed, i will pick the guitar back up and finish riting that song i started…


ps, wish me luck 😉

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