No longer Tired… for now

No longer Tired… for now

I am so happy!!! i had six hours sleep last night!!!

by the time i went to bed last night, i hadnt slept in over 43 hours, i was so knackered!!

so i wrote a really short blog, so now i will blog properly for yesterday… after breakfast… bak in 20

immmm bak, make it half an hour, that was nice, i had two bannas, four pices of rasin toast, two bowls of nutri-grain, and one bowl of oats mixed with just right… i like my food

yeah, where was i…

oh yeah, i think last night went really well, but unfourtunatly i had a massive headache and i was really buggered and i couldnt find my glasses, but otherwise i think it was good, god turned up, we hung out together, people seemed to enjoy it and some people made a massive decision…

neway, im so distracted, im never going to finish this post properly, so that’ll do for now 🙂

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