Short Blog

Short Blog

this is a very short blog for I shall agree with all those who said i need more sleep (the problem isnt getting to bed early, its falling asleep :< )

neway, my day was long, very long, infact i almost forgot that adam and i missed the school bus this morning…

stretch was being lazy again and slept into 8 at my house instead of going to rowing…

its hard staying single… like i really want to stay single for a while, keep myself focused on what really matters (its okay, its not hard because of hormones, its because i have really good friendships and oppertunities, and amazing people etc… but mainly that feeling inside that makes you want to have someone to give all you can too, thus my point on trying to focus all that giving into other things…)

another thing is i think there are heaps of things that i dont think most of the girls my age realise such as

===>> essentially all a bf/gf relationship is, is searching for someone that you would love to spend the rest of your life with,

===>> love isnt a feeling, so much as a commitment, like dont get me wrong, you can feel love its amazing but its not a mushy feeling, and its not how the person makes you feel, its a feeling that makes you want to be so slefless, its giving all you are to the person, and sometimes its not doing what is easy or convenient, its doing the best thing for them…

===>> at this age and stage in our lives, the real aim of our relationships is to be just like a really close friendship, its getting to know the person really well, experiencing good and bad times with them (because if a relationship is to find your life partner, you have to know which one of your friends fits the part best, and how can you know unless your really good friends)

===>> on that previous point, relationships done right can do nothing but strenghten friendships, they shouldnt break them appart, theres few things i hate more than when people regret, or try to forget, or belittle their previous relationships, look, no matter how you look at it, those good times were good times, and if your still friends, you can still cherish those good times as friends

===>> and also friendships should be strong enough to easily cope with relationship breakups, because the friendship is so strong…

===>> a relationship breakup isnt the end of the world because chances are, your not meant to be with most of your girlfriends, theres only one, and you have to discover that…

===>> another point is that people dont have to… wait i said this would be a short blog

neway, im sure to become an insomniac yet (if im not already)


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