Category: Stupid Random Useless Information

Category: Stupid Random Useless Information

Well, i havn’t blogged today, so here i am 🙂

I was sitting in careers… incredibly bored listening to creed **sobs, they broke up on friday** and staring out the window, then i looked at some of pip locks pictures from soul… i sware i barely remember any of soul, i was so wasted for the whole of it, i was also kinda depressed, so i spent most of my time trying my hardest to put on a happy face, until the last night when finally i understood things, and, well long story, basicly i barely know what was happening the whole duration of soul and the pictures where kinda a reminda 🙂

then i was staring out of the window, and i started thinking how wonderful the world actually is!! like, we are so lucky, and i knew it, but i actually felt it, i ignored my humanness and just went wow… that was cool

its odd that aye, how u can b so lost in the human world that you “know” how lucky you are, but your never in a state of extacy about it!

well, for the rest of carreers tim and cass where talking about AFL, so i put both ear plugs in my ears and just listened to the music… the only problem was that eventually i got bored again… dont you hate that, when you feel like walking up another group (even if theyre your friends) and just saying, “hi, im ringing in”… i really felt like doing that sooo badly!!

anyway, thats all i have to say about my day

well actually westie (me mate as pip L would so rightly put it) is staying with me this week, starting this arvo, so thats kinda cool, i think i will relax a bit more, which is good, i wont get as stressed about things…

well im off, continuing to learn about how much i have to be thankful for… lifes crap, but gods better so, im like, meh, yeh, cool!!!

cant wait for the next thing life has installed for me… more good, bad, happy and sad times ahead, more friendships and relationship problems ahead, but, i think thats cool, i can handle that… because i am privilaged enough to handle that…

i cant wait to leave school though 😛


ooo yeah, wot photo should i post now…?

this one’ll do

the sun’s amazing, i rekon!!

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