In Sickness And In Health

In Sickness And In Health

Well…mmm its been an interesting one so far today,

i barely slept last night… still feeling sick, im pretty sure its a stomache bug… not fun!

anyway i continued on to rowing, my coach told me to take the day off tomorrow, otherwise i would fall out of my boat (jee anna is a great coach… well actually all my coaches are great… my squad is so lucky)…

yesterday i had a lot of drugs; 2 heron, 2 Nurofen Plus, 2 tablets 4 back problems, 2 4 the nees, eye drops for conjunctive itus, and drugs for my sinuses… i really needed some sleeping ones to though šŸ™‚

anyway, the best part about sickness is health, and the union of the two in the Marriage vows Is what we celebrated today.

of up to a we celebrated the union of Jill and Brent!! the wedding was great, probably one of the best ive ever seen (if not the best)

it was so cool! i cant wait to get married… i can probably see myself getting married really young and then not having enough money to go on a hunnymoon or anything, but i dont care, i just cant wait!!! to be made one with someone special, that i will spend the rest of my life with!!

pip lock was saying how she wants to go over to england for her wedding, in a cool church and all, and im like, that would b cool, but still im attached to the st steves green carpet, there are so many memories behind it, its not just a joining of two as one, its also a blessing and strenghtening of what is already there… it’ll be cool whatever i do…


(oh yeah, here is a bit of video from the wedding)

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