Category: When? What? Where? Who? Why?

Category: When? What? Where? Who? Why?


This afternoon/night we went , we left at 4:30 and i only just got back then at 11!


We were trudging along in soul team for a combined youth group event

We had subway on the way up, and chocolate saturdays from MicDowells on the way back home!

They were really open up there, it went really well, new friends, good times, and lots of people saying “youse”

Where? else but liverpool/cambletown

yeah it was good…mmm

neway my day was good, though i was feeling really sick and tired (being on drugs)

for all those spedo joel fans, he was there, and sexy as usual

its really anoying, because i am split between wishing i could hav hung out with friends 2nite, and really enjoying the soul team event… oh i love u friends (there you go, u feel loved)

i cant wait till sunday, when we have our first band practice in ages!!!

joel and i were reminicing 2nite

gordy spoke well and riley gave his testimony, i think matt lead really well 2, it was encouraging because i think the way he leaded really suited the people there and where they were at


anyway, i have to b awake in 5 hours so i better get to bed… i hope i dont trow up tomorro morning, oh well, i can only hope!!


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