my own prison

my own prison

why is life so damn hard?

there are so many unwritten rules, regulations, attitudes and expectations.

why isnt life straight and simple?

things that should just be so simple, human beings make complicated!

stuff like, man loves woman, woman loves man, man and woman marry

or man loves woman, woman doesnt love man, they talk, still best of friends

or god loves man, gives man woman and animals, man loves god

or god loves man, god creates man, god creates woman, god creates snake; snake decieve woman, woman betray man, god angry.

god willing to forgive generations and generations of pain, and sins, human accept the wonderful gift and live for eternity.

but its not like that rather it is

man loves woman, woman love man, past experiences stop both from telling eachother, man waits until he’s sure, woman waits till man tells, man thinks that woman not love him, woman thinks that man doesnt love her,

man loves woman, woman dont love man, man go out on a limb to tell, so that she doesnt think that he ignoring her, friendship never the same

man loves woman, woman dont love man, man doesnt tell because he thinks that she’ll hurt him

god loves man, offers man perfect gift, man use excuse after excuse to avoid the most wonderful gift!!

what is this world comming to

why is it that day after day we wear these masks hoping to find the right one that fits,

we love to loose and we loose by love,

the path is unclear, thus wrong path taken,

without these unwritten laws of humanity, murphey and his laws would not stand a chance.

would telling the straight out truth, living as the person that god created you to be, not hiding anything for fear of being turned down or our only chance at living “normal” life… would that be considered a cult, would people look down on it with disgust and say “what are they doing there, are they insane”. would our childeren look down on us, like hippies.

it is impossible to even concieve attempting to live anything close to a divine life here one earth, but we keep on going, just in hope that one day it will catch on, and it will be come the norm

day by day we live out these lives, we do the jobs that we “want” to do, we have the friends that we “want” we wear the clothes that we “want”, we watch reality tv in hope that we are “normal”.

we go seaching through the world to find people worse than us, that we can compare ourselves to, yet we have competitions on who had the “least sleep” the “worst weekend” the “hardest maths test”.

thousands of people were surveyed and the number of people said that they were above average to those around them way outnumbered those who said below (how is this possible?)

we look to be greater, we spend our live trying to impress our peers, our family, the opposite sex, the people at the beach, the shop attendent, our techers, the financial world, people at parties, the person next to you in the isle at wollies, those people walking their dogs on a sunday morning

the unthinkable has become the norm, two fourteen year-old girls raped at 10 am walking down a street in south africa, no ones eyes even trail off, let alone trying to help. is this because in south africa there are two women raped every two minutes on average?

thousands of children dying of starvation, while we buy our computers and gaming consoles, eat maccas and subscribe to magasines,

a person is shot in the streets of the USA and only a few people come out to see what the noise is

we ask ourselves what’s this life for but we never explore it

there are thousands of people seeking truths but so few finding

people are considering themselves religious and spiritual but choosing what they like from different religions

there is a minority group who are happy with who they are, they dont want to be the best, they dont mind if no one cares, they have their friends and they are happy… but they go home at night, stay up through the night watching tv, searching the net, playing games trying to find some type of satisfaction, but seeking, they would never have used the word,

people are looking all looking for their little somewhere i belong but they never find it

prejiduce flys through our streets, through our schools, workplaces, lesiure and even our own minds

we are trapped in our own prision and trying to escape

our life, our love, our belives are decided by others, not ourselves

insults and bad news roles of the tougne like a christmas carol, though saying something nice is like an essay

we all mean well but society has altered us,

tens of thousands of people stuck on the gay scene and confused, people convinced that they are gay, but they’re not born like that (although they dont like to admit it) it is something that society has imposed on them,

but in the end i am not satisfied, but i am content, i know that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made, but all made different, if the world was perfect, i would not be here,

if i am made to live a life of love then thats what i will try to do, i will not only accept the faults in humanity, but i will rejoyce for those people that i have, i must put myself lower on my priority list, i must love god, love my friends, and if i must live a life without a partner for now, or forever, then so it be, for i would rather have no one than for it not to be the right one,

but for now i must see what comes to me, and accept it


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