something I’ve been realizing at the time is How it is considered an unacceptable to go off with a friend in the group without people thinking.

whereas used to be able to draw and talk with just one person and no one would think anything at all.

the amazing how the times have changed

now because of messenger and mobile phones, even the telephone , people can’t have conversations like they used to

the only 1 on 1 conversations the people have is through these instruments of communication

So in everyday life people forget how to have conversations, or is it that they do not get the opportunities

is this right? to do too many relationships start off like this? added to wasting money on flirting through SMS? does this sound ridiculous? or does this sound much too familiar?

why can we not be straight with each other?

has this cyber life stolen from us bills communication skills?

is is the real life, or is this just fantasy , stuck in a landslide, no state from reality?

Open your eyes, look up to the sky and see

I’m just a real boy from a real family

why can’t this world have simple communication?



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