the rhapsody of fridays

the rhapsody of fridays

**friday in short is the fith day of the week (assuming the week starts on monday)**

my friday started with a 3:30 rise

this morning i lay in bed, concious that i had a headache and that i needed sleep, though i couldnt quite drift

my mind was set on something, i had been dreaming all night, and it was driving me mad

thus i got out of bed

**Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday**

i then decided there was nothing i could do, so i checked my email

it was good, because i had only received about 6 or 7 emails since 9 last night so that didnt take me long

**Fri”day, n. [AS. friged[ae]g, fr. Frigu, the gooddes of marriage; friqu love + d[ae]g day; cf. Icel**

i went and had my shower and shave by about 4:15, and then started getting ready for rowing

it took me a while to do that

**AS. frigu is prob. from the root of E. friend, free**

i had to wear long johns for the first time today at rowing, because it was incredibly cold.

i arrived at rowing and we did the normal routine run, warm up the slide, row to the course, variations up and back down the course, race starts from the green pole, etc…

but because i was having problems with my boat, it held me up the top of the course for about 10 min, and i saw the sunrise for the first time since it started dissappearing in the mornings.

it was the most amazing sunrise ive seen in a long time; but unfourtunatly the thing that caused another sleepless night came back to me at the sight of beauty, though i was content, it didnt bother me anymore.

**See Free, and Day**

i then had a really satisfying breakfast, although my milk was frozen solid

**free: Not affected or restricted by a given condition or circumstance**

it was funny all the way home, adam forgot to bring a change of clothes, he had to wear his tight black thermal and long johns (thank goodness that he wore shorts over the top), we recieved lots of weird looks, and some forest guys had a go at adam calling him interesting names in reference to sexual preference

**Freedom- Our natural right and yet so new a concept to our human minds!**

as adams mum was driving us back i passed jo kemp crossing the road, i went to send her a message, but then realised i didnt have her number.

as i walked from adams to church i had a long think, and it was don, it was good

**Day: The period of light between dawn and nightfall; the interval from sunrise to sunset**

as i head on to venture out on this friday of mine, i hope that i come into it with a good understanding and full appreciation of it


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