i was just thinking today at the bus stop waiting for my bus (ironic really) at rowing, just looking around.

first i noticed the boy sitting next to me, lonely… then i looked around on the bus, all these people keeping to themselves.

it dawned on me that they all have their own lives their own troubles ahead of them, their own reason to be on that bus, their own causes for keeping to themselves, sitting listening to rock, pop, r & b, by their own choice, or by the choices of those around them.

That you walk past them and they are olivious to it, they wouln’t know that it ever happened, just like when they walk past you.

i wonder what they are all doing today?

i wonder what would be on your mind, if that telvision show inside you head didn’t focus on you today?

could you survive? would the world be different, or would it be exactly the same? can you even imagine? or have you already been there done that and bought the t-shirt?


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