My name is Luke K. Freeman. I live in Sydney, Australia.

My name is Luke K. Freeman. I live in Sydney, Australia.

A passionate entrepreneur, technology and marketing specialist, aspiring effective altruist, and flawed human animal – striving in each domain to be a force for good in the world.

I’m currently focused on my latest venture, Positly. At Positly we aim to help researchers recruit participants faster, easier and cheaper so that their vital work can yield the best results. Humans are at the core of most problems, from our individual mental health to how our society faces socio-political challenges right through to the individual decisions that new businesses need to make. We want to enable people to solve those problems better, to keep building a better world.

On my personal blog, you can find me pondering life’s biggest mysteries. Or at least – my life’s biggest mysteries. I’m just a human being after all, trying to interpret the world through my experience as best as I can. For example, one of the many small, yet significant steps I made in that direction recently was my living on less challenge.

My road to Positly and my other current projects have been littered with challenges and mistakes, along with many successes, adventures, and some clichés (from dropping out of high school to having an office in a garage and starting my first business at 8 years old). Along the way I’ve been part of the team that created Sendle, worked across the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), wrote some curious papers, represented my country on the water, married my university sweetheart, became an uncle several times, and many more things I treasure. I certainly haven’t done it all, but it’s my goal to live life to the fullest.

If you’re interested in my current projects and ventures or just talking, you can contact me through the form below (oranonymously here) or find me all around the web on TwitterLinkedInFacebook, AngelList, InstagramTumblr, Reddit, EA Hubs, or Google+.