Luke Freeman

Luke Freeman

Passionate entrepreneur, technology and marketing specialist, aspiring effective altruist, and a flawed human animal. Striving in each domain to be a force for good in the world.

You can contact me through the form below if you’re interested in talking about my current projects, collaborating on something wonderful, or if you find yourself in Sydney and would enjoy joining me for a chat, coffee, beer, cycle, paddle, walk or play some music together.

Find around the web on my personal blog, TwitterLinkedInFacebook, AngelList, InstagramTumblr, Reddit, EA Hubs, Strava and probably many other places.

You can also stalk me on less widely used services such as GoodReads, Instapaper, Scribd, Behance, Pearltrees, Wattpad, Diigo, ScoopIt… I’ve been on the internet a long time.

Reaching out cold? You get extra points if you make some connection relating to me or my interests. To help out, here’s some trivia about me:

  • I started university at age 15
  • I started first business at age 8
  • I wrote my thesis on political communication and deliberative democracy
  • I represented Australia in rowing
  • My weekends occasionally involve cycling between Australian cities
  • I once contested a seat for federal parliament
  • I lived on less than $2 per day for a month
  • I’ve organised several large conferences
  • I enjoys long walks
  • I regularly go rock-climbing
  • I used to play music at bars
  • I’ve brewed tonnes of beer
  • I prefer black coffee
  • I read lots of non-fiction
  • I watch mostly sci-fi and comedy
  • I’m a plant-based foodie
  • I married my university sweetheart
  • I love being an uncle
  • I’m a dad to 2 cats (+ fosters)
  • I own 5 ukuleles
  • I dream of owning a grand piano