Don't simply dismiss as bigotry, dig a little deeper

This video by Junkee about Pauline Hanson is very much worth watching. It talks about the global “they took our jobs” trend in messages around the world that if dismissed as simply racism and bigotry could actually lead to more racists and bigots getting into dangerously powerful positions. Many people feel left behind by economic […]

2016 Commemorative Edition NSW “Revvy” Bicycle

Introducing the 2016 Commemorative Edition NSW “Revvy” Bicycle¹ – brought to you in collaboration with the NSW State Government and the NSW Police. We’ve taken all the things that you love about riding a bike and made it better! We know you love riding along without wasting time finding your ID when stopped by the authorities […]

Which headphones are best? My 2015 Round Up

Audio is a huge part of my life – whether I’m listening to Andy Weir’s “The Martian” audiobook while cleaning the house, getting turn-by-turn directions using Co-rider while cycling around rural Australia, joining in on a Sendle team Hangout in the office, blocking out ambient noise so I can concentrate, or falling asleep to Dan […]

The right headphones for the right job – cycling and the office

When you use headphones for a variety of different things it can be hard to find one pair that does all the jobs. I recently acquired a Plantronics Backbeat Go 2 bluetooth headset in the hope that they would fill in the gaps and replace my Avantree Jogger headphones. The dedicated headphones who compete for my veracious favour were both from of an elite store […]